It's The End of The World........Right?

"Yes Rabbit?"
"Are we going to die?"
"Yes Rabbit."
"Welp....might as well die high."

It’s The End Of The World…….Right?

Cam heard the footsteps on the wooden porch. He looked up at Rabbit who was looking at him with the unlit bong in his hand. Cam heard the footsteps again and notice how Rabbit gripped the bong in fear. Cam stood up and walked to the door while grabbing his AX. The footsteps where too fast and coordinate to be a zombie. It had to be someone else. He looked through the peephole. He was happy that the sun wasn’t high because then he wouldn’t be able to see the person. Cam heart dropped when he saw a girl on the other side. She was looking at the door and around the house. Cam thought he was hallucinating but he knew he wasn’t when he saw two more girls walk up to her. 

"What is it?" Rabbit whispered.

"Girls." Cam whispered back. Rabbit dropped the bong and moved to the door. 

"Seriously?" Rabbit asked.


"Like real girls…..not the dead kind?"


"Like with a beating heart….soft skin……and boobs?" Cam looked at Rabbit. Rabbit immediately pushed Cam out of the way and looked out the peephole. 

"Sweet baby Jesus…’s three of them." Rabbit whispered.

"Three of who?" Jason asked loudly while coming down the stairs. A hard knock came from the outside and Rabbit jumped while letting out a yelp.

"Hello? We here you in there." One of the girls said.

"Are those chicks?" Jason asked.

"Just a second." Rabbit said in a high pitch voice.

 ”Really.” Cam said. 

"What? Man, and to think I didn’t get any condoms for moments like this." Rabbit said. Cam slapped his forehead. 

"Let’s be honest Rabbit. You didn’t need any condoms when there weren’t any zombies." Jason said while laughing and reaching for the door. 


It’s The End Of The World……Right?

It’s the end of the world…..right? Cam and his group of stoner friends thought so. At least that’s what the group of zombies was telling him. Cam, Jason, Rabbit, and Shell were the group whom nobody thought was going to be successful in high school, yet these pot heads has made it in the zombie apocalypse. Neither of them has ever shot a gun but seem to figure out how to survive. The only heavy machinery they’ve handle was a bong. They’ve come to terms that none of them would ever see their family again…..and also girls. Cam who comes off as the leader and the only one whom seem to be in shape keep the group intact. Jason is older and is not afraid of any zombies because zombies eat brains, and he is convinced that his brain is past fried for any zombie liking. Rabbit is the one who record how much food, ammo, and weed they have, and let them know if a run is necessary or not. He is also the one who is in the worst shape of them all. Shell is the only one who constantly sleeps until they are under a zombie attack and he turns into a sword wielding ninja…..then of course when it’s over he passes back out. The world is over and these guys are holed up in Cam great grandparents’ house, with no electricity and with no electricity, no video games. With Rabbit ready to end it because he hasn’t held a PS3 controller in months, three girls come stumbling on their door step and that’s where things really get interesting.

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